Sunday, September 11, 2011

Day 1 of "Rebooting"

For the first five days of the Reboot Standard program, I can eat, juice or blend fruits and veggies. No meat, dairy or breads.  I think I could live without meat, but bread and cheese..I don't know.  For breakfast, I had a banana.  Lunch-salad from Subway with only veggies and oil and vinegar (not sure if I was allowed the oil and vinegar, but I needed a little something to get it down).  Dinner-carrot, celery and apple juice, which I found disgusting; then tried peach, pear and strawberry juice, which was yummy!  I've been trying to drink water too.  Juicing is a LOT of work!  Rinsing, chopping, peeling, cleaning the juicer, and it takes SO many veggies and fruits to yield one glass of juice.  My kids got to eat rotisserie chicken, mashed potatoes and rolls.  I confess- I ate one bite of potatoes, but no chicken or rolls.  The chicken smelled so good too.  This is going to be an expensive program! 

I did not sleep good last night as usual, not because of pain.  I just don't sleep well most nights.  I have a hard time going to sleep and then wake up several times.  I felt okay this morning, but have had pain developing in my feet throughout the day and I have a nodule on my pinky PIP joint that keeps hurting. 

Did I mention I'm starving?  Oh well...Day one down...14 to go!

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