Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Reboot continues...

Today was a good day overall.  This morning I started feeling weak while at work, almost as if I could faint.  I felt better after eating an early lunch.  Banana for breakfast, carrots, guacamole and pineapple for lunch, grapes for a snack...for dinner I decided to splurge and get a baked sweet potato and sauteed mushrooms from the local steakhouse.  I did have butter and cinnamon sugar on the potato, definitely not allowed, and I'm not sure what the mushrooms were sauteed in but I have a feeling butter was involved there too.  So now I feel a bit guilty and my belly feels full.  (I did not touch the rolls though, gave them to the kids!)

I have again felt little pain today, primarily in my feet.  I have a sore nodule on my finger as well.  I'm thinking of switching rheumatologists.  I currently drive an hour and a half to a university hospital.  I like my rheumy just fine, but it is a long drive and very costly.  He is partially retired and only available for appointments two days per week certain times of the year.  I have to pay a separate fee to the hospital and doctor, not to mention the gas.  And I have to take half a day off of work, which is inconvenient.  I've heard good things about a rheumy just 45 minutes away.  (I live in a small town and there is not one here).

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  1. In regards to switching up docs. Keep the appointment set with your old rheumie while checking out the new one. This way if you don't click with the new one, you still have the old one's appointment available. Just be sure to cancel the old one if your new one works out. I personally never had good luck with teaching hospital docs. To me they were more focused on their students and testing for trials then the patient which was me.